Our Mission: Community Building through awareness, outreach, and activism. We fight against Violence and Intolerance by engaging communities building respect, responsibility, and accountability.

Our Principles:

1. Raising awareness to issues directly related to the GLBTQ  community by creating dialogue, building working relationships, and developing methods of application to public and private lives of citizens.

2.  We will continue raising awareness through Outreach. We will work to bring our message of Anti-Violence and Tolerance to all communities. Engage people young and old to question value systems and actively participate in their own way on fighting the persistent unacceptable language/ behaviors among their peers.

3. To create a positive, strong movement to challenge the status quo through acts of civil disobedience,  direct action, and artistic resistance. Through art, media, and performance creating a lasting message promoting Change through Action.

We will strive to engage people on a personal level, appealing to principals invaluable to our Mission and our Message. Working to make our struggle a universal struggle among diverse backgrounds. We counter Violence and Intolerance  with our actions and our words.

We respect people of all communities, of all diverse backgrounds. We work so that these communities will respect us. We gain respect by Good Will and Good Works. We work to erase to the dividing line between us and reconnect us through the protected Rights of all Human Beings that share this land and the world, because only when we work together can things truly Change for the better.

We ask of  Ourselves as well as Everyone to conduct themselves  with responsibility. When we collectively take responsibility for ourselves in our private and public lives we set an example to strive for, accessible to anyone. Responsibility for our own conduct sends a message that We accept who we are as People and are willing to lead by example, creating a ripple effect that resonates with all people regardless of sex, age, race, and creed. Standing against violence and intolerance as principled Human beings and Americans.

We ask of ourselves to be accountable for our actions. We speak of love and acceptance through Our individual place in our communities, we engage people to take care of themselves and others. Accountability solidifies our foundation, that we ask not only ourselves but to everyone to promote a better quality of life, through open mindedness and kindness, promoting a sense of community that is united. We believe that everyone has a right to be happy. In order to do that we must ourselves accept that we will not change everyone’s mind but that we challenge GLBTQ perception with love and acceptance and hope that people accept us or at least commit to living together in peacefully.

The only way we will be Equal is by Living Equal

Equality is Living Equal

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