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World Aids Day 2013

Today December 1st is World Aids Day. Since 1988 it has been a way to talk about a subject that no one likes or wants to talk about. The purpose of World Aids Day is to talk about the state of HIV/AIDS in the world. A day to reflect on the history, a day to […]

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So sad but so true. We dropped the ball and its getting worse.

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When did you choose to be straight?

As a LGBT people we are asked this mind numbing question. What clever turn around for insightful perspective Bravo!

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From Russia with hate

    You may have heard. Russia essentially outlawed homosexuality. Outlawed the act. Outlawed talking about it. Enshrined outdated notions of gender and masculinity into law. It’s pretty sick.   Today I watched a handful of videos on YouTube of the consequence of these laws. It was horrifying. However I couldn’t turn away. For me, […]

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Great article on Huffpo. The author Mark Brennan Rosenberg nails it. Articulated much better than I could. Reposted in full because it needs to be read! A few days ago my friend Carl posted the following as his Facebook status update: “God, gay people are the worst!” Carl, a 21-year-old transplant from Nashville, is […]

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