Living Equal is a Call To Action!

Our goal is to be a service that connects individuals with volunteer, educational and personal growth opportunities.

Everyone is passionate about something. Whether its social justice, ending HIV, equality, etc. Connect those people with organizations where their efforts will help to connect their passions with quality volunteer opportunities. We are here to find the balance.

Ask any Executive Director of a non profit what their biggest need is and they will tell you volunteers. The trouble is finding those individuals that want to lend their time to help. Often times when an individual is in college, especially when its for something related to non-profit they have to volunteer/intern for their appropriate field.

Partnering with colleges and other higher learning institutions to connect those organizations with people who desire to volunteer is a great opportunity.

Organizations like the Peace Corps or Coast Guard gave people valuable life skills and experience before they entered the civilian world. People go to college to get a degree, to get a job. But there was a time when service to country or cause was vital and important to personal growth.

People often live selfish lives where all their efforts are directed at personal success. However, in that endeavor, they fail to experience some important life lessons that teach the value of the selfless act and how selflessness can lead to understanding and compassion. How a selfless act can give an individual an eye opening realization that life isn’t just about you. We live in a world in which we are all connected. We are all in this together.

Living Equal. Tipping the scales to find the balance.

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